How Many Teeth Does a Rabbit Have?

Rabbits are known for their adorable, fluffy appearance and their love for munching on vegetables. But have you ever wondered how many teeth these furry creatures have? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at rabbit dentition and learn more about their unique teeth structure.

Rabbit Teeth: A Unique Structure

Unlike humans, rabbits have a unique set of teeth that are specifically designed for their herbivorous diet. A rabbit’s teeth are composed of two different types: incisors and cheek teeth. Let’s dive into the details of each type of tooth.


Rabbits have a total of six incisor teeth. There are four upper incisors and two lower incisors. The upper incisors consist of two large front teeth, known as primary incisors, and two smaller teeth, known as peg teeth, located directly behind the primary incisors. The lower incisors are located on the bottom jaw, directly below the upper incisors.

These incisor teeth are designed for biting and cutting through fibrous plant material. They are sharp and chisel-shaped, allowing rabbits to easily cut through their food. One interesting feature of rabbit incisors is that they grow continuously throughout their life, ensuring that they always have sharp teeth to help them eat.

Cheek Teeth

The cheek teeth, also known as premolars and molars, are used for grinding and crushing plant material. Rabbits have a total of 22 cheek teeth, with 10 on the top jaw and 12 on the bottom jaw. The cheek teeth have flat surfaces with ridges that help break down fibrous plant material into smaller pieces, making it easier for the rabbit to digest.

The cheek teeth are located further back in the rabbit’s mouth, separated from the incisors by a gap called the diastema. This gap allows rabbits to move food from their incisors to their cheek teeth for grinding, without the risk of accidentally swallowing large pieces of food.

Dental Issues in Rabbits

Since rabbit teeth grow continuously, they need to be worn down through regular chewing and grinding. Providing rabbits with a diet rich in hay and fibrous vegetables can help keep their teeth in check. However, if a rabbit’s teeth are not worn down properly, they can develop dental issues such as overgrown teeth, misaligned teeth, or even abscesses.

It’s essential to monitor your rabbit’s dental health and consult a veterinarian if you notice any changes in their eating habits or signs of discomfort.

In Conclusion

So, how many teeth does a rabbit have? In total, rabbits have 28 teeth – six incisors and 22 cheek teeth. These teeth are uniquely designed to help rabbits efficiently consume their herbivorous diet. As a rabbit owner, it’s crucial to provide your pet with a suitable diet and monitor their dental health to ensure they live a happy, healthy life.

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